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How to collect GeoCoin Cryptocurrency using a Smart Phone with GPS
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This beginner GeoCoin tutorial explains how to earn GeoCoins using a GPS enabled smart phone. Users will learn how to join, start GeoCashing and collect GeoCoins from all over the world. This is a an exciting way to earn money by playing a GPS enabled smart phone game.

GeoCoin is a cryptocurrency with Geo-Gaming & GIS Technologies. The mission of GeoCoin is to bring Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to the blockchain. GeoCoin is an innovative cryptocurrency with a dedicated team of developers who are led by Tobler. Tobler and his team have developed an online Google Maps interface with an integrated GeoCoin HTML5 wallet. Users can drag and drop cryptocurrency onto the map, allowing other users around the world to collect them. Users simply turn on their smart phone GPS and move to the location of the GeoCoins to pick them up. To find out more information about the GeoCoin project visit their website at

Joining the GeoCoin GeoCashing Game

One of the best parts of GeoCoin is that signup is completely free and open to the public. To get started, navigate to the GeoCoin GeoCashing website

After you arrive at the GeoCashing page, you’ll see a map of all the GeoCoins that have been dropped all over the world. Since this is the first time you’ve come to the website, you will have to register. Scroll down past the list of Largest GeoCaches on the homepage and click on the Join button.

Now you are on the Anonymous Registration page. Fill in your desired username and password, then fill in the required captcha code. Make sure to check the Accept Terms and Conditions and enter an optional email address for future password recovery. Once you’ve completed the form click Submit.

Start GeoCashing

Now that you have created your account you should arrive at the Balance page. Since this is a brand new account your Balance should be at 0 GeoCoins. In order to start collecting your first GeoCoins, click on the 4 lines in the top left corner to show the menu. Select GeoCash from the menu.

Give the map a few seconds to initialize fully and you should see clusters of all the GeoCoins that have been dropped by other users. Once the map is fully loaded, tap on the Collect button to toggle it to On. Your internet browser will then ask you if you would like Share your location with Click on share to continue. Note: Make sure that your Location Services/GPS settings are enabled on your smart phone.

Once your GPS position has been determined, the map will automatically pan and zoom into your local surrounding area. Use your map to find GeoCoins that have been dropped in public places nearby. Once you move to the precise location, the GeoCoins will be picked up automatically and added to your GeoCoin HTML5 wallet.

GeoCashing with Augmented Reality

To add even more fun to the GeoCashing experience, Tobler and his team have developed a new Augmented Reality framework which uses your smart phone’s built in camera. To try hunting down GeoCoins using Augmented Reality, click on a GeoCoin nearby and tap the Hunt this coin button.

The website will ask if you would like to Share your camera with Click on share to continue. You should now see the GeoCoins in Augmented Reality on your phone. Simply move to the location and the GeoCoin will be picked up automatically and added to your GeoCoin HTML5 wallet.

There are currently thousands of GeoCoins dropped in cities and countries all around the world. Have fun collecting as many GeoCoins and you can in your local area!

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