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How to drop GeoCoins for other people to collect
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This beginner GeoCoin tutorial explains how to drop your own GeoCoins in the online GeoCashing Game. Users will learn how to place individual GeoCoins using a computer or smart phone. Users will also learn how to bulk drop many GeoCoins in an area all at once. Once you’ve learned the basics, you can place your GeoCoins on your business locations, setup a scavenger hunt, or even drop them on your favorite points of interest/scenic destinations. To complete this tutorial you must have already created a GeoCoin account and have some available GeoCoins in your HTML5 wallet. If this is your first time looking into the GeoCoin GeoCashing Game, follow the instructions here to get started.

Drop Individual GeoCoins from your Computer or Smart Phone

To get started, open Google Chrome and navigate to, click on Login in the top right hand corner. Type in your GeoCoin Username and Password to Login. After you login you should arrive at the Balance page. This page displays the current Balance of your GeoCoin HTML5 wallet, including any Pending Balance that may be waiting for confirmations. Note: Your GeoCoins must be in the Confirmed Balance to drop them in the GeoCashing Game. The Balance page also provides a list of your History, including Your Last 100 Withdrawals and Receives.

If you’re using a computer, click on GeoCash in the top right hand corner. For smart phone users click on the 4 horizontal lines in the top left hand corner and select GeoCash.

Once the map has initialized, toggle the Collect button to On to pan and zoom into your local area. The browser will ask, the website wants to Know your location? Select Allow.

Now that you have arrived in your local area you can toggle the Collect button back to Off, this will allow you to pan and move the map without having it re-center on your current position. Pan and zoom the map to a nearby open destination, ex. a grassy field in a public park. Once you have found a location, click on the GeoCoin pin in the top right hand corner, then click on the map to place a GeoCoin. Using the mouse or your finger, drag and drop the GeoCoin to reposition it to your desired location on the map. Once you are satisfied with the location, enter the number of GeoCoins you would like to place on the map. You may also enter an optional comment for the lucky GeoCasher who comes to find it. Click Save.

Bulk Drop GeoCoins using your Computer or Smart Phone

Placing individual GeoCoins can be a timely activity. To help speed up the process, Tobler and his crew developed a technique for dropping a bulk number of GeoCoins on a specific area. This technique can be very helpful for setting up large numbers of GeoCoins for public events, festivals, trade shows, conferences and more.

To bulk drop many GeoCoins at once, click on the grey box in the top center of the GeoCashing map, this will make your mouse cursor switch to a crosshair. Using the crosshair, draw out a rectangular area for where you would like to drop your GeoCoins.

Again, you can drag and drop to reposition the rectangle, and you can also manipulate the corners and edges to make the desired rectangle. Once you are satisfied with the location of the rectangle, enter in the number of Locations and the Amount (each). For example, if you wanted to place 10 pins worth 2 GeoCoin each, you would enter

  • Locations: 10
  • Amount (each): 2
Once again you may enter an optional Comment for the lucky GeoCashers. Click Bulk Drop.

The GeoCoins will be placed randomly within the rectangle you defined. To move the individual GeoCoins around you can drag and drop on each pin to reposition them as you like. When you are happy with the new locations, make sure to click Save in the top right hand corner.

You may place as many GeoCoins as you have in your Confirmed Balance. You can now place your GeoCoins where ever you like, to draw attention to your company, have fun with family and friends and highlight cool places for people to visit. The possibilities for GeoCoin are endless!